About The Datathon

What is the DIRISA Student Datathon Competition?

The DIRISA student datathon is a competition that is organised by the Data Intensive Research Initiative of South Africa (DIRISA) to showcase how open research data can be used to come up with creative and innovative solutions to some of South Africa’s problems.

What are the objectives of the DIRISA Student Datathon?

  • To give students an opportunity to learn about the benefits of open data
  • To showcase innovative solutions using open data
  • To find new solutions to problems
  • To advocate for the use of open data

Who is the Datathon open to?

The datathon is open to undergraduate and graduate students above the age of 18. No experience in data science is required.

How will teams be formed?

Each team can be made up of a maximum of four (4) people. Please ensure that your team is balanced in terms of gender. Only one team per institution.

What do you need?

You will need your laptop/desktop and we will provide you with 10 gigs of data.

How much does it cost?

The datathon is completely FREE!