Past Events

2019 DIRISA Datathon

2019-12-01 | 2019-12-05

The 1st Annual DIRISA Datathon was held in December 2021 and had a general theme to allow students to be able to come up with solutions from any research area. Find more here.

2020 DIRISA Datathon

2021-07- 26 | 2021-07-29

The 2nd Annual DIRISA Datahon was held from 26-29 July 2021. The theme for the datathon was “Finding a South African Solution for the Covid-19 pandemic”. Find more here.

2021 DIRISA Datathon

2021-11-29 |2021-12-03

The competition’s aim is to showcase how open research data can be used to come up with creative and innovative solutions to some of South Africa’s problems. Find more here

2022 DIRISA Datathon 

2022-11-26 |2022-12-02

The annual DIRISA Student Datathon Challenge was held from 26 November 2022 to 2 December 2022 at the CSIR ICC in Pretoria. The theme for the 2022 Datathon was “Using Social Media Data to find innovative solutions”.Find more here.